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Interest Picks Up In Pur Glue
National is seeing renewed customer interest in PUR (polyurethane reactive) hot melt adhesive. National's customers' customers (publishers) in certain areas of the country are becoming increasingly interested in and asking for PUR as they become aware of its advantages of superior adhesion, durability and excellent layflat. Bookbinders' marketing programs promoting PUR are creating this awareness. Most publishers who have seen the PUR demonstrations are impressed by the book quality the hot melt brings. Book binders' marketing efforts are paying off.
As a result of this heightened interest, many binders are adding PUR capability. In 1999, we've seen three new PUR installations at binderies and expect two or three more by the end of the year. The total now comes to more than 40 PUR systems in the United States. Canadian binderies are also showing increased interest in PUR. Two binderies in Canada are running PUR, and we expect four binderies to switch by the end of 2000. The PUR installations in both countries either supplement EVA hot melt with PUR or replace EVA completely.
We can expect more PUR conversions as more publishers become aware of its strengths.
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