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For perfect bound books, the substrates used as well as the adhesive selection are of great importance. Adhesive selection is important both for the spine as well as the hinge or side glue. The end use of the books must be considered in order to prevent books being returned because of failures in the field. Finally, all conditions in the plant will be addressed to see if there are more efficient and less costly ways to produce a high quality book.


Edition or hard cover binding can also be addressed, from the gathering of burst bound signatures or Smythe or McCain sewn book blocks all the way to casing in and jacketing of the finished books. The most efficient ways to use liquids, hot melts, animal glues, and PURs can be addressed. The quality of both Otabind® and Repkover® can be optimized due to extensive experience with both of these systems.

Services to be provided include the following:
  1. Maximize book quality
    • Roughing
    • Adhesive application
    • Trimming quality
  2. Maximize binder settings
    • Troubleshoot adhesive problems
    • Wheel and spinner settings and temperatures
    • Hinge glue settings
    • Cover station settings
  3. Trimmer problems
    • Eliminate smearing
    • Eliminate "chip out"
    • Produce square backbones
  4. Hard cover production
    • Achieve maximum round and round retention
    • Anchor headbands securely
    • Minimize warped cases
    • Eliminate dry spots in casing in
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