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Tech Tip - Scoring
Scoring is the process of putting a crease in the cover as it is being fed to the cover attachment station. The purpose is to allow the cover to fold cleanly around the edge of the book block. It is typically not done with thin magazine type covers, but is very important when using a 10 or 12 point cover stock. Scoring is accomplished by passing the cover between male and female grooved rollers positioned close enough to crease the cover, but not too close so as to cut through it.
If a hinge adhesive is being used, then a second set of scoring wheels allows the cover to fold in the opposite direction. This is important as the weight of the cover tends to pull the first and last page away from the book block, causing an unsightly glue line just inside the first and last page. The wheels can be mounted with the male side up or down depending on which way the cover is expected to bend.
Additionally, the cover stock can be printed cross grained, which will cause additional strain on the first and last page. In order to facilitate the fold, occasionally a stripe of water is applied with a needle along the scored edge to soften the paper and allow it to bend more easily. On particularly difficult cover stock, a third set of scoring wheels can be used to minimize the stress.
In the novel method of PUR application discussed in other articles in this newsletter, it is important that the scoring wheels keep the cover from moving from side to side so that the application of PUR will be uniform. It is important to replace worn scoring wheels so the fold remains sharp around the back of the book.
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