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Trimming Improves with COOL-BIND™ Adhesive
National's COOL-BIND, the new low temperature EVA hot melt, continues to show many advantages over conventional hot melts for perfect binding. More specifically, many binderies report that COOL-BIND greatly improves the trimming process. Under varying conditions, the trimming is now clean and sharp, and the overall book quality is improved.
In particular, bookbinders report that the lower temperature hot melt eliminates the problem of chip-out when trimming laminated cover stocks, especially with high speed trimmers. In chip-out, pieces of the laminate break loose because the glue hasn't set up hard enough. Chip-out occurs with standard 350°F hot melts because hot adhesive remains molten in the backbone. Bond formation is also superficial at this point. COOL-BIND, however, starting at a 100°F lower temperature, reaches its solidification point faster.
Eliminating the chip-out problem improves book quality, while productivity improves as well. COOL-BIND adhesive's faster cooling can increase production speed, as bookbinders reduce the time needed for the adhesive to cool and set. A standard EVA needs cooling time between one and three minutes compared to the 30 to 40 seconds for COOL-BIND.
We receive other reports that COOL-BIND reduces wrinkling of the backbone. Wrinkling decreases because COOL-BIND's lower temperature provides faster cooling while driving out less moisture.
These reports come in addition to the many other benefits of COOL-BIND such as safety and worker comfort, less wear on equipment, and no char formation. We will keep you posted on the latest developments with COOL-BIND.
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