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Feather On Backbone
A common problem with perfect binding occurs when the hot melt on the backbone takes on a rough or feathered surface. This problem can cause a ripple to show in the spine after the cover has been applied. The cause of feather on backbone is primarily temperature related. If the application temperature of the hot melt is too high, the product can "puddle." When the spinner touches the hot melt, it draws out a portion of the adhesive in the center of the backbone. If the spinner position is too low, the ripple problem can occur even if the temperature of the hot melt is correct.
Areas to check when this problem occurs are the temperature of the adhesive in the pot, as well as the temperature of the spinner. Feathering will also occur if the spinner rides too low and fails to properly meter the right amount of hot melt on the backbone. The low riding spinner problem can be minimized by increasing the pressure on the backing plate of the cover station.
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