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Clean Gluing-off Brush with Ultrasonic Cleaner
When gluing off edition bound books that have been Smythe sewn or side sewn, it is common to use a brush rotating in the opposite direction of the travel of the book. This brush wipes off the excess liquid adhesive that has been applied to the backbone of the books. As the adhesive builds up, the brush must be cleaned often to maintain effectiveness. Typically, you remove the brush from the spindle and soak it in a bucket of water. This softens but does not remove the dried glue.
An ultrasonic cleaner, instead, can make this job very easy. The unit resembles the machine that cleans jewelry. As the brush sits in a soap water solution, the ultrasonic high pitched sound (above human hearing) vibrates the brush clean in less than 30 minutes. You expend no more effort than to drop the brush in the unit. The ultrasonic unit is very safe and can be purchased for less than $500. You can also clean hot melt nozzles, as well as screens by using solvents, but you need to take specific safety precautions. Contact National for information about ultrasonic cleaners and their manufacturers.
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